Monday, September 8, 2008

Maui Adventures

Monday morning, we got up, ate breakfast on our Lanai and got ready for our Zipline. We hung out at the beach and read our books until it was time to go. (Todd read a baseball book called "Playing With The Enemy" and I read "Breaking Dawn" of course. See it down there in the left corner? )

We were a little nervous but excited to do something new. We arrived at the Zipline place and were ready to go. We all climbed into this 4 wheel drive, 15 passenger van and headed off for the ride of our lives, up in the mountains above the ocean. The drive up was unreal- just to give you an idea, we had to wear our helmets IN THE VAN!

It is the craziest drive I have ever been on! We were bumping and bouncing all over the place. We got our harnesses on and got a little instruction and off we went! We were a little nervous the very first zip, but it was Awesome!



We had a view of the ocean the entire time we were up there.

Our guides were super funny...See him there in the backround?

We hiked in between each of the 8 ziplines, and then ate lunch on a 1,000 foot cliff. It was really cool!

We got back to our condo and decided we would go snorkeling at Kapalua Bay. We came home and watched the beautiful sunset off of our Lanai.....

We finished our evening eating at Maui Tacos after I blew a fuse blow drying my hair, and took out the power of half of our unit and the one next to us...

Tuesday was a great day as we went snorkeling at our favorite place, Honaloa Bay.

This is a protected Bay, and there are so many fish, that there are chartered cruises that take people there to snorkel. We can drive there, as it is just a few minutes down the road. You walk through this beautiful jungle,

and then it opens up to this huge bay. The color of the water is just unreal. We saw tons of fish: schools of literally thousands of fish, eels, huge puffer fish, every variety you could imagine. It is really neat to just swim around together and look at all the beautiful things that are under water. It is so relaxing too, as it is so quiet and beautiful. We went back to our condo and rested for a little while and then went back to Napili Beach for a little boogie boarding for Todd, and floating around in the ocean for me. We went home and got ready- no power outages this time- for a beautiful sunset, dinner at Bubba Gumps, and a little shopping, all in Lahina.

Check out our Dolphin Adventure next...