Thursday, May 20, 2010

LifeHouse & Daughtry- Here we come!

So, Todd and I are Chris Daughtry fans.  When we saw that he was coming to the area in May, we decided that we would go as our combined birthday presents.  We really wanted to go to Seattle for his concert, but it was on a Sunday.  So, we ended up going to the beautiful town (ha!) of Yakima. 

We left on a Monday morning and had fun talking along the way.  When you have 4 kids, it’s hard to have long conversations without being interrupted.  It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive.

Daughtry May 2010 002 

We checked into out hotel, got ready, and went to dinner at Outback…

Daughtry May 2010 007

And then headed over to the Yakima Sun Dome.  It was a sight- let me tell you.  But we didn’t care, we were just excited to see Daughtry and LifeHouse.

Daughtry May 2010 009 Daughtry May 2010 010


Cavo was the 1st opening band.




They were pretty good.  They had everyone with any type of light (ipod, cell phone etc.) turn it on, it looked really neat…like stars.

Daughtry May 2010 014 

Then it was time for LifeHouse.  They were awesome.  Jason Wade even walked into stands, all the way up to the top.  They were really good in concert.

Daughtry May 2010 011

Daughtry May 2010 020






Then it was time for Daughtry…  They were fantastic!

Daughtry May 2010 049 Daughtry May 2010 067 Daughtry May 2010 062

It was really neat- with our new camera, I was able to video A LOT of the concert.  I finally ran out of room, but it was worth it.  We were able to come home and show the kids half the concert.  We also called them during the concert so that they could hear.   At the end, when Daughtry was singing Coming Home, he brought Jason Wade out and they sang it together.  It was really cool.

We had a nice hotel room with a view of the river.  We got up Tuesday morning, had breakfast, sat in the spa, and got ready to drive back home.

Daughtry May 2010 120  Daughtry May 2010 115






We had a really fun time together.  It sure went fast- but it was nice to have a whole 24 hours alone.  We love our kids tons, but really treasure the time we get to spend alone together.  It just doesn’t happen often enough.  Thanks to Pam for watching the kids while we were gone- we really appreciate it!

Daughtry May 2010 119