Monday, March 22, 2010

My “baby” turns 16!


March 2010 & April 2010 122

It just seems weird.  I don’t feel old enough to have a son old enough to be driving and dating.  My 6 foot tall “baby” is now 16 years old.  Wow…Time sure flies.  It seems like just yesterday he was a colicy little baby that cried every time we set him down.  Now he’s starting Driver’s Ed and going on first dates.  It feels like when you are going through the crying baby stages, that it will never end.  And then “POOF” before you know it, they are growing, literally, before your very eyes!


First, we had our family get-together.  Trevor asked for money from all of his family because he has to pay for half of Driver’s Ed- which costs $385, just so we remember years from now.  (I need to have that documented so that ALL brothers know that they will also pay for half!)

March 2010 & April 2010 215 

This is a re-enactment picture of Trevor opening his card.  The original was  blurry.  Isn’t he funny…




Grandma decided that she wanted to get Trevor a “Cars” themed cake.

March 2010 & April 2010 201


That is the only “Car” he will be receiving for his 16th birthday.  Sorry Trev.




His friend Megan made him this cute Birthday card.

March 2010 & April 2010 189 

We wanted to come up with a fun theme for his party.  We finally decided to do a Hawaiian Tiki Party for Trevor’s 16th Party.  Trevor helped make the “beach” cupcakes, which were too cute if I do say so myself.  

 March 2010 & April 2010 225

Here’s Trevor making the Tiki’s for the cupcakes.  Noni and I decorated the cupcakes- they were WAY cuter in person.

March 2010 & April 2010 278

We spent the whole day decorating for the party.  Thanks to Annette Carter, we had plenty of Hawaiian decorations…

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Brandon was in charge of anything to do with tools and fire starting-

March 2010 & April 2010 245

My Hawaiian friend Leann and her daughters came over to teach the kids to Hula.  It was really fun, they did a great job.

There were war chants…        And Hula-ing

March 2010 & April 2010 299  March 2010 & April 2010 318

And Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride              And Limbo

March 2010 & April 2010 324                        March 2010 & April 2010 332

And a fire                              And cool cupcakes for dessert

March 2010 & April 2010 334           March 2010 & April 2010 338

And gifts, food, and……………      fun with friends! 

March 2010 & April 2010 345          March 2010 & April 2010 361

Happy 16th Birthday Trevor!

March 2010 & April 2010 378                                   March 2010 & April 2010 367

We love you and are grateful for the wonderful young man you are becoming.  We are very proud of you and the good example you are to your brothers.  We are so blessed that you came into our family 16 years ago.  Happy Birthday Trev, We love you!