Saturday, December 29, 2007

Giving Thanks, Even if it's Late!

I know that we just had Christmas and I should be blogging about what a wonderful Christmas we had. And we did, but we have been really busy, and have a slow computer (seriously, does it take everyone else 5-7 minutes to upload a picture? Maybe I could blog more often if one post didn't take 2 hours!) . So, first I need to blog about the nice Thanksgiving we had...

My parents came to visit and we had lots of fun. We played games...

And apparently we like to choke each other while playing games, MOM!

My mom and I made applesauce.

Tyler and Nathan always try to see if they can last through my dad tickling them to death.

The reward.... $1.00
Well earned, I might add

Nathan always wanted Noni and Papa to put him to bed. Complete with a "race" up the stairs and all his OCD bed time rituals. Thank heavens someone else got to do it for a few days!

We had our yummy Thanksgiving dinner.

One small (literally) problem: The Rhodes rolls. I guess I should have followed Celia's advice and used a heating pad to make them rise. Because mine rose and then fell like a ton of bricks. More like the ton of bricks fell directly on the rolls.

We decided to poke holes in the first batch and brush them with olive oil and garlic and call them "Italian flat bread". Then we made a second batch that actually turned out right. Of course we pretended that we meant to have the flat bread and that I wasn't just a moron! I don't think anyone was fooled.

We are so thankful for all that we are blessed with, especially family!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Recently we had our 2nd annual couples Christmas Party and Ornament
exchange at our house. It was LOTS & LOTS of fun!!

There were LOTS of shoes...

And LOTS of coats...

And LOTS of food...

And LOTS of ornaments...

And LOTS of friends...

And LOTS of fun!!!

We did an ornament exchange that was really fun. You know the kind where you draw numbers and can steal from others?

Here we see some stealing "in progress"

It was a blast. I think the best/funniest ornament was one we all lovingly referred to as "the big fat lady".

The "big fat lady" really got around that night, but ended going home with this happy couple...

"Some" people were upset when the "big fat lady" was stolen from them because they wanted to blog about it.

And were absolutely thrilled about the ornament they went home with.

Can't you tell?

It was LOTS of fun with friends!

P.S. Please excuse all of my "devil eye" pictures. I do not know how to fix the red eye problem as of yet.