Monday, February 1, 2010

Tyler’s 10th Birthday

Tyler decided that he wanted to have a sleep over with some friends for his birthday.  Since we already have a house full of boys, we decided that we could only take so many.  So, we just invited a few boys.  Here’s the clan…

  Jan. & Feb. 2010 100

Gabe Romney, Austin Tomlinson, Tyler, and Ryan Hunter




Jan. & Feb. 2010 101

A birthday just wouldn’t be complete without the Hunter’s and duct tape.  This was nothin’ compared to last year.  Ryan decided to wrap a box, with in a box, with in a box.  Then Tyler opened to find a zip lock bag filled with Brownie mix.  The gift was inside the brownie mix…

It was a night full of pizza, games, ice cream sundaes, smiles, noise, and tired parents. All in all a fun night.

Jan. & Feb. 2010 107   Jan. & Feb. 2010 108 

                       Jan. & Feb. 2010 081 

Then came the family get-together.  His brothers made him birthday cards.  Nathan drew a picture of him and Tyler together with a heart.  And wrote a note that said, “Dear Tyler, I love you and you are awesome.  Love, Nathan”



Jan. & Feb. 2010 089 

Tyler got a DS with money he saved, and from all his birthday money.  We snuck his money out of his wallet and surprised him.  He was very excited.



Jan. & Feb. 2010 085


Oliver sat around and enjoyed the festivities.

Happy Birthday Tyler!

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