Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family Sledding trip

Jan. & Feb. 2010 359

We decided to go up to Mount Spokane on President’s day to go sledding.  We have not had much snow here in Spokane (just a few inches) so we thought it would be fun.  Apparently there had not been much snow up there either.  The hill was wet and sloshy but they all still had fun.  After watching them ring their gloves out, I decided to just be the photographer.

                                                      Brandon looking coolJan. & Feb. 2010 338  

                                                   Nathan & Todd at the top of the hillJan. & Feb. 2010 297                                                                                            

                                                    Trevor flying down the hill

Jan. & Feb. 2010 324   

                                               Tyler on his way down

Jan. & Feb. 2010 301



Everyone had fun and got really wet and cold.  Well, everyone was wet but me…

  But I did get some fun pictures.

Jan. & Feb. 2010 345Jan. & Feb. 2010 277

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Bethany said...

Looking at those pictures makes me sooooo glad it's warm now!